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Our time-tested strategies have assisted clients realize more than $2 billion in closed real estate sales. Let our skills and passion help your home maximize its potential.

What Is Your Home Worth?

Call us and let's chat we will give you a price opinion for free.

If you're not quite ready for that, then here's a great tool to get an instant free automated home value report from our partner, Homebot. You'll have to sign up but don't worry, you won't get extra emails unless you want them. You can change you home's price (it's automated so won't know what you've done to the home, add in your mortgage, and play with figures. It's a great tool.

How to list your home with us

The process of listing your home is relatively simple, the decisions you make to put it on the market are far more complex and variable. We'll break this page into two parts. The contract process and marketing. Meeting in person is the very best way to address recommendations of what would give your home the best chance of selling as quickly as possible for the best price.

The Listing Process

A Newcombe Zimmerman Group agent will meet with you and discuss Listing your home. Giving you recommendations and setting your expectations.

On agreeing to list your home with us there are several Documents that you will need to sign, these are the key ones.

Listing Agreement:

How long we will list your property for (usually six months), the commission structure, and the list price of your home


A document that confirms we are representing you.


This is a disclosure of everything that you know about your house from how the Sewer is connected (or not) to whether you've had termites, updates you have done etc. This form will attach to the MLS listing for prospective buyers to see with their agents when they are considering making an offer.

HOA Addendum:

This form gives detail on HOA assessments, monthly HOA payments, transfer fees, etc. It will

MLS Input:

A form that we will go through together and defines everything about your home. We will use it to input details into MLS, Zillow etc.

CLUE Report:

This is a disclosure you will get from your home insurance company as to any claims you may have had. It usually covers anything up to the last ten years and backs up information you may have entered into the SPDS.

Once you've got all that done we can get on with the fun stuff, marketing…

A quick note.. We generally suggest a minimum of 7 days between signing your listing and marketing your home. We want to make your home look amazing from day one, so sometimes even seven days can be tight, but its worth it.


All our listings are photographed professionally in both DSLR and in a three dimensional photography session that allows a buyer to "live" in the home before visiting it. We find that this level of authenticity has a hugely positive impact on selling your home. We will also create a floorplan. Ever looked at a home and had to go back three times to remember how it flows? That's why we market every home with all three of the above.

Marketing Materials:

These vary from home to home, your LaunchPad Agent will talk through the particular needs of marketing your home and what we have found most successful for your area and type of home.

Web, Social Media etc:

Your listing will be on the Arizona MLS and syndicated to every major (and many minor) internet listing site from Zillow, to, to the home site of almost every real estate brokerage that has a home search (including Redfin) and beyond.

We also put your home on the most appropriate social media platforms for your potential buyer audience.

"Coming Soon" and your first Open House:

We always recommend letting your neighbors and (if possible), anyone that drives past your home that you are about to sell. We will contact them through the mail, inviting them to an open house, and will place a "Coming Soon" sign in your front yard.

Next, we will send emails to our database and often up to 12,000 realtors who may have an interested buyer.

On the first weekend that your home is listed on the MLS we will hold an Open House and get your neighbors and the public in. It turns out that your neighbors are often the best ambassadors to sell your home. They have friends who often want to move near them and usually have a facebook account. Nothing like some free advertising to get your home sold.

Feedback and further marketing:

From the first day on market to the time your home sells we will continually be asking for feedback from anyone that has seen the home. See where they came from, how they found your home, get to know the audience of prospective buyers. We then dial in our marketing approach, talk to you with further recommendations (if needed) on how your home shows. Wash, rinse, repeat until we find the right person to purchase your home.

Usually we do this fairly quickly, but unlike others we will not make a promise to sell your home in "x" number of days. Homes are highly individual, as are their owners. The speed of sale and price of your home will be dictated by many variables. It's our job to educate you on those and to form a partnership to successfully sell your home with you. We very much look forward to the opportunity of meeting with you to discuss the possibility of listing your home.


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